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«Gravé ce printemps en une fin de semaine, au studio Hell’s Kitchen par Mark Perno (ex-guitariste d’Akuma), le premier vrai CD de VANDAMN! – après un petit démo de 6 pièces sorti en 2005 mais depuis discontinué – est en véritable béton armé. Du hardcore métallique qui rentre au poste et qui sonne comme une tonne de brique, ne ralentissant que pour nous permettre de reprendre notre souffle lors de breakdowns bien lourds. S’il a collectivement des influences très diverses (métal, grunge, punk, rock…), le VANDAMN! nouveau fait dans le pesant et dans le puissant, s’apparentant à ce que font si bien les Coliseum, Torche, Kylesa et High on Fire… Grrr! Parfait pour faire sortir le méchant.»
- Bang Bang - Kristof G - 15 septembre 2008 (

«New Orleans has Crowbar and Eyehategod. San Francisco has Neurosis and Blessing The Hogs. With the release of their second EP, VANDAMN! can unquestionably make their claim as Montreal's new kings of sludge.»
- hardtimes - Mike - Wed, 10/22/2008 (!)


released April 1, 2008

Patrick Limoges - Vocals
Alex Gingras - Guitar
Maxime Bergeron - Guitar & Vocals
Nicholas Routhier - Drums
Simon Hébert - Bass

Recording / Mixing / Mastering
Mark Perno - Hell's Kitchen Studio



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VANDAMN! Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Call Me Ishmael
Those eyes
It always seems
They’re ignoring you while they’re staring at me

Still running away
Can’t wait for the day
The day I’ll confront it
The moment I’ll destroy it
My phobia
It’s my quest in life
But the beast keeps gazing and it petrifies me

Now it’s time for the showdown
Time for the hunt to begin
It’s the point of no return
Moment for me to reach down
In the abyss of my fears
To kill the whale and obtain its crown
Track Name: Testimony
Once upon a time
We shared a common mind
Brought up in a world of make believe
A sour taste, we've been deceived

No choice but to be strong
In the face of betrayal

But what if the jokes and nonsense were still going on?
Faithful in those false pretenses
A spectator of something really wrong

Is there someone in this audience that have a testimony on this matter?
Is there someone in all you fuckers that have something to say on this matter?

Give up your logic
Give up your common sense
Give up, give it up
Give up and now you live in fear
Give up your logic
Give up your common sense
Give up, thinking the end is near

No choice but to be strong
Track Name: We
We are a disease controlled by money
We are Like a plague that starts to spread

We kill, we lie and then we justify
These are the ways we manage to deify
Without a voice, without success
So don’t rejoice, we’re in distress
We tainted the sky and then we testify
One of these days we’ll have to realize
The eloquence of our silence
Will kill us all without remorse

Religions, politics it’s all the same
As long as there are profits we’re in the game

It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong

For they eat the bread of wickedness,
And drink the wine of violence

We are like locust without focus
We are like pigeons with religions

If we keep, not caring, not trying
One day, with the strength of a thousand rivers
The land shall cleanse itself from an infection

That was allowed to cheat
That was allowed to rape
That was allowed to kill
That was allowed to be for too long
So it decided to sing this song
Track Name: Contrapasso
Excuse me but I believe that, this pride is yours
It was there lying in the gutter, bathing in the sewer
Take it back

Because you lost it
When you spread your cancer and you took that treasure
Give it back
Retribution, settling down what has being forgotten

Your lack of humanity is an insult and an atrocity
Now is the time to face your judgment
Your hypocrisy revolts me
Your freedom sickens me
Now is the time to face your judgment

For the sake of the innocent
You will face your judgment

The hunter become hunted
The vulture change into a prey
Now is your turn
To taste the pain of your dismay

See you in Hell
Track Name: Ta Mère en Short
Ta Mère en Short...
Track Name: Pendejo
I would like, would like to see you glance
Glance into the eyes, into the ones that rise
Rise against your ways, against betrayal
Rise against your type, you two faced bastard

We wisely chose our battles
Don’t give us reasons to start it
You should change your behavior, we might get pissed
Hypocrisy is on the top of our black list

Your forked tongue has awaken the lions
Our clenched fist will make you taste the abyss

We’re never going to forget your actions
Get ready to answer to our fierce reactions

I sure would like, would like to see you cross that line